MIKRA MORAVIA s.r.o. was founded in 2010.  Our company engaged in the manufacture and sale of endless cutting wires designed for producers and processors of thermal, acoustic and fire insulation, insulation for pipes, buildings, chimneys, etc. Suitable for all brands of machines that cut insulation materials such as polystyrene, polyuretane, glass wool and stone wool.  Our main advantages are the highest quality and very short time of order's fulfilment.




We produce following range of endless cutting wires:



Standard wire „Spiral – low dust“1,5 - 1,6 mm in usually lenghts:  3,0 – 10,0 meters


Popis: Standard Wire



Wire „Spiral S“ 1,7 - 1,8 mm  in usually lenghts:  3,0 – 10,0 meters



Popis: "S" Wrap



Wire „Spiral X“ 1,4 - 1,5 mm  in usually lenghts:  3,0 – 10,0 meters

Popis: "X" Wrap




The endless cutting wires are devices allowing for cutting proposed shapes from blocks of mentioned materials. An endless cutting wire is designed to prepare simple cutting out as well as more complex non-rectilinear shapes such as: curvatures, arcs.





The method allows for :


·     cutting out and matching mineral wool isolations to curvatures of high-temperature container.


·  cutting out isolations from rockwool or rigid polyurethane PUR foame , with specified internal diameter and thickness - designed to izolate thermal pipeline pipes ,with technological pair of chimies as well as conditiong instalatios.


·   cutting out proposed shape of PU foam filling in upholstered furniture.





Our company manufactures the endless cutting wires of range from 3000mm to 10000mm.

We can manufacture the endless cutting wires of the circumference's length proposed by our customers. However, the length must be within the range mentioned above.

Our devices have been produced on the basis of the best raw materials available on the market. It guarantees theirs high quality. There is a possibility connected with matching of the endless cutting wires type so that, the customer would be able to match it to cutting material.


Popis: C:\Users\Radim Mikulajčík\Desktop\cutting wires\MAGTECHNIK01.jpgPopis: C:\Users\Radim Mikulajčík\Desktop\cutting wires\MAGTECHNIK02.jpgPopis: C:\Users\Radim Mikulajčík\Desktop\cutting wires\MAGTECHNIK12_small.jpgPopis: C:\Users\Radim Mikulajčík\Desktop\cutting wires\MAGTECHNIK13.jpg



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